Santa Ana, CA, USA

    ©2018 by Kelly Reiter-Hoffman.



    My passion for art making has lead me to explore many kinds of material, particularly the use of recycled objects. I rescue discarded household items from alleys and search junk shops for objects that have stories to tell. I am usually surrounded by a joyful clutter as I work, hopefully grabbing just what I need to complete a composition. My shelves and drawers are filled with an eclectic selection of materials that serve as my palette.

    Often my sculpture starts with a single object that sparks an idea or inspires my sense of “what if”? Then I begin to play; adding, subtracting, and experimenting. Like joining words together for a poem, my sculptures reveal themselves to me as I form new associations with elements that already have separate histories. These objects play a fundamental role in my work while I compose and connect them for visual harmony.


    Bolt Head Fish


    Polymer clay and found objects


    32" x 17"x 7"

    Pandora's Box


    Found objects, acrylic, and wood

    28" x 17" x 12"

    Melodies On My Mind


    Found objects, wood, copper and brass

    40" x 24" x 8"

    Con Anima


    Mixed media


    Plumb Line of Desolation


    Wood, aluminum, found objects



    In this piece a vocabulary of materials is used to reference a post-apocoliptic scene or "end of time." This entire work is constructed from found objects and materials. The round metal form symbolizes a face of a clock, the plum-line represents measurement, and the raven represents the last living animal to

    inhabit the earth.

    Layers Within


    Wood, found objects



    This piece represents secrets hidden deep

    within ones self.

    On the Clock


    Found objects, motor



    This piece references the poem, Look to this Day, about life, "for yesterday is but a memory, but tomorrow only a vision." The figure is mounted to the rotating clock face, while the door is spinning. An example of being too busy to enjoy the

    here and now.

    Valued Identity


    Wood, aluminum, found objects, acrylic



    A kinetic self-portrait. The silhouette is connected to the house. Turning the knob spins a magnifying lens. The lens magnifies the "diamond" within.

    Letting Go


    Found objects, cast aluminum



    Referencing a time to let go and move forward.

    Gauging a Heart


    Wood, aluminum, copper, found objects


    Everyone Loves a Clown


    Found objects, wood, electrical components



    Interactive. Turning the crank causes clown arms to rotate and clown head lights up.


    2018  Visual Arts, Orange County Fair, CA


    2018  Home Arts, Orange County Fair, CA


    2018  Orange Open, Muzeo Museum, Anaheim, CA

    2017  Blue Ribbon Winners, Fullerton Arboretum, CA


    2017  Visual Arts, Orange County Fair, CA


    2016  Time In Tableaux, Duff Gallery, CA

    2016  SoCal MFA Juried Exhibition, Pomona, CA


    2016  Txt Me, OCCCA, Santa Ana, CA


    2016  National Orange Show, San Bernardino, CA

    2014  Orange Open, Muzeo Museum, Anaheim, CA


    2017 Honorable Mention, Layers Within, OC Fair


    2017 Second Place, Letting Go, OC Fair

    2017 First Place and Division Winner, Plumbline of Desolation, OC Fair


    2016  Award of Excellence, Valued Identity, SoCal MFA Exhibition


    2014  First Place Award, Everyone Loves a Clown, Orange Open Show


    2018  First Place & Division Winner, Bolthead Fish, O.C. Fair


    2018  Third Place, Melodies On My Mind, O.C. Fair


    2018  Honorable Mention, Pandora's Box, O.C. Fair


    "Creativity is
    the fun of
    putting together unexpected ideas.

    Hazel Edwards